Will I meet with Michael the jeweller when I go to the shop?

Yes, Michael deals with all his customers directly.  So the person you meet, and sketches the ideas, is also the person who will make your piece.

What does POA mean?

POA means 'Price on application'.  This is typically used for pieces that were client commissions.  If you are interested in a similar piece please contact Michael.  He can work with you to design a piece that suits you and your budget.

What is oxidised sterling silver?

Oxidised sterling silver is sterling silver chemically treated to create the blackened finish.  This finish wears with age like a pair of good old jeans.

What payment methods do you accept?

Vildosola accepts payment by cash, visa and american express.  We also accept electronic funds transfers when paid in advance.  Client commissions require a 50% deposit prior to the commencement of work, and the balance to be paid on completion.

How long should I allow for a commission to be made?

It is best to allow 6-8 weeks for a commissioned piece to be made, but if you are short of time please let us know and Michael will try to schedule his work to suit you.