Founded by Michael de Vildósola in 2010 VILDÓSOLA is a small jewellery shop & studio devoted to the design and making of handmade bespoke jewellery.  

The majority of Michael's work is the result of client commissions.  In a collaborative approach Michael and his clients work through designs with sketches before finalising the design.  Vildosola's repeat clients are a testament to the quality of the pieces Michael produces, and clients appreciate they are dealing direct with their jeweller.  

Michael takes joy in working with unusual and precious gemstones.  The forms and textures of the metals that encase the gemstones are as important as the stones themselves.   Like miniature scupltures the pieces are to be enjoyed over lifetimes and not to be confined purely to the seasons of fashion.

Michael gained experience in London prior to guiding 'Habit Joiers' in Barcelona, through the process of establishing their own jewellery atelier to support the existing retail outlet.  The freedom given to Michael by Habit allowed him to develop his own distinct sculptural style.  After migrating to Australia in 2005 Michael worked for a respected Perth jewellery company until opening VILDÓSOLA.

Michael was educated at London Guildhall University and graduated with a Higher National Diploma in Design -Jewellery, Silversmithing & Allied Crafts


2010 JAA 'Jewellery Association of Australia', Precious Metal Category - Commendation for 'Watch' the sea inside



2009 Studio Ingot, Melbourne, '100 rings, by forty artists' exhibition

2005 Katherine Kalaf Gallery, 'the ring' exhibition